Pen Repair Q&A

Examples of vintage fountain pens repaired in our workshop. We repair and service pens in-house within our own workshop

May 2024 Update:  Our workshop is operating as normal and our current turnaround on repairs is four weeks

In summary, we've specialised in servicing and repairing pens, ballpens and pencils since the mid 1990s.  All work is carried out in our own workshop, and we guarantee our repair work for 12 months

Fountain Pen Repairs - Basics

    • If you need a fountain pen repairing, just send it to us with your contact details and a brief note of the problem. 
    • Putting the pen in an old glasses case inside a padded envelope provides great protection!  Include any other pens or pencils you would like us to look at
    • Do NOT send pens in ordinary paper envelopes as these are regularly chewed up by Royal Mail's machinery
    • Use Royal Mail Special Delivery which is trackable and insured
    • Make sure you include your postal address for our quote and the return of the pen
    • We check it over and send you a detailed written quote by Royal Mail.  We do not email quotes
    • You then send us payment information (cheque, card details etc) or pay online.  We go ahead with the work and return your pen to you as soon as we can

    If you are unsure of anything, please contact us here or phone us

    Normal turnaround time is about four weeks from receipt of payment.  All repairs are completed in our own workshop, and you are able to speak directly to the specialist who will be working on your pen

    Repairs should be sent to:
    Battersea Pen Home, PO Box 295, Hexham NE46 9HS
    This is a Royal Mail PO Box at the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Hexham. We sign for everything on collection. 
    Please do not use a courier as Royal Mail do not accept courier deliveries

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some detailed answers to questions we are frequently asked.

    Are we qualified to repair your pen?

    We have been repairing vintage and modern pens for the last twenty-five yearsService technician certification for Waterman fountain pen repairs
    and are recommended by major manufacturers such as Parker, Waterman and Sheaffer UK.  We service all our own pens and have repaired over 15,000 customers' pens. These date from as early as the 1890s but most are from the 1930s-1990s.

    Over this time, we have accumulated enough experience to know whether a fountain pen repair is possible.  While most are straightforward, there are a few models where it is definitely better to leave well alone!   If we think that the mechanism is at the end of its life or there is a problem with the condition of the material (hard rubber, casein, celluloid, ABS, various plastics, metal overlays etc), then we will advise you on whether a repair is recommended.

    If your pen is less than about 10 years old, you need to return it direct to the manufacturer's service department as they will still hold the parts for it.   The pen can be routed to the manufacturer through any authorized high street retailer. 

    We only repair ballpoints and pencils made by the principal pen manufacturers such as Parker, Waterman etc and for which we still have parts available

    We do not repair products from Montblanc, Pelikan, Lamy, Cross, Omas or Rotring  These companies have fountain pen repair departments whose contact details are on our Useful Links page or can be found on the internet

    Which pens do we repair?

    We offer a full repair and refurbishment service for most vintage fountain pens.  We can also usually deal with pencils and ballpoints made by the main pen manufacturers

    We have extensive experience of repairing all vintage pens, particularly Parker pen repair including vintage Parker Duofolds, Vacumatics, Button fillers, Parker 17, 21, 25, 41, 45, 51, 61, 75, De La Rue Onoto, Conway Stewart, Mabie Todd (Swan and Blackbird), Sheaffer, Waterman

    We also have an extensive stock of original spare parts for these makes, particularly for the Parker 51.
    We work on lever fillers, piston fillers, leverless models, plungers and most kinds of filling system for which parts remain available.  We are recommended by Sheaffer UK for Sheaffer vintage pen repairs and by Parker and Waterman for all their obsolete models and fountain pen repairs

    We do not repair products from Montblanc, Pelikan, Lamy, Cross, Omas or Rotring  These companies have fountain pen repair departments whose contact details are on our Useful Links page or can be found on the internet

    What happens when we have sent my pen to you?

    On receiving your pen, we will send you a written quotation for the repair work.

    Service technician certification for Parker fountain pen repairs



    If you wish to continue with the work, you then send us a cheque or credit card details.  If not, then we will return your pen to you.  Once we have received your cheque (or credit card details), work on your pen will be completed as soon as possible: turnaround time is indicated on our home page.  We only bank your cheque (or charge your card) when we return your pen to you, so please do not be concerned if the cheque doesn't show up on your bank statement immediately.

    The repair quote will detail the cost of service, cost of spare parts required (if any) and the cost of return insured postage and packaging.  The repair quote will also give a brief description of your pen's model, age and valuation for insurance replacement purpose.

    How much will it cost?

    Service/repair/nib fitting prices start from £25 plus return p&p

    A basic service for a pen with a rubber sac (eg button filler, lever filler, push-knob filler, Swan Leverless type of pen) is £30-£45 plus any parts which we will specify in our quotation. Most Parker pen repairs are in the £35-50 range plus parts

    A basic service for other filling systems (eg an Onoto piston filler, pneumatic filler, Sheaffer Snorkel/Touchdown, Parker Vacumatic etc) is £40-75.

    Additional charges are made for nib work

    We always return pens using insured mail - the charge for this postage and packing within the UK is £7-8 depending on weight.   Within Europe, we use Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed which is £10

    If we think that your pen is not worth repairing, then we will advise you of this

    How long will it take?

    Turnaround time is usually around 3 weeks

    I live in the EU - Can I send my pen to you?

    As the UK's Brexit transition phase ended on 31st December 2020, we will be unable to accept repairs from EU countries from 1st January 2021 onwards due to import duties/taxes

    Our understanding is that a repair will attract import taxes and VAT on entry to the UK.  Similar taxes will then be levied on its return to the EU country.  So potentially two lots of taxes and delays

    As of January 2022, some but not all EU countries are levying taxes/VAT on returning repairs.  The additional customs assessments are causing significant postal delays with some counties, notably Italy, at present

    I live in the USA or elsewhere in the world - Can I send my pen to you?

    No -  Due to difficulties with import duties and taxes, we only accept repairs from customers in the UK.  If you live elsewhere, please ask us for a recommended repairer and we will try to advise you of a repairer within your own country.  There are some suggestions here

    How do I send my pen to you?

    Make sure it is securely packaged in a padded envelope and use the Royal Mail's Special Delivery Service at the Post Office.  This service is trackable and insured. If you just use 1st, 2nd Class or Signed For, you have no guarantee that your pen will reach us. Our address is:

    Battersea Pen Home
    PO Box 295
    NE46 9HS

    We operate only by post - you cannot deliver your pen to us personally.

    What happens if you can't repair my pen?

    We will advise you of the problem and we will pay for the return insured postage.
    It therefore doesn't cost you anything if we are unable to repair your pen.

    Do we guarantee our work?

    Yes, when we service a pen, we expect it to give good, reliable service for a reasonable period of time.  We therefore undertake to re-service free of charge any pen which, for any reason related to the original work, fails to function satisfactorily within twelve months from the service date.

    Do we sell spare parts, pencil leads or ink sacs?

    Any parts and spares we have available are listed on this website.  We do not have other parts available for sale.