Vintage Parker Pen Repairs

We have extensive experience of servicing vintage Parker fountain pens. Generally the earlier pens are button fillers (1920s-1950s) or Parker Vacumatic fillers (1934 to late 1940s). From the 1950s, most pens were aerometric fillers with a transparent sac enclosed within a metal sac with a press bar for filling.  Following the success of the Parker 45 which was launched in 1960, most pens have been designed to accept either ink cartridges or a converter

Above:  Parker True-Blue button filler from around 1928

We have spent almost 30 years repairing all types of Parker pen and acquiring spare parts stock from around the world. We were trained and authorised by Parker to service all their pen models. Generally we deal with older models of Parker which the Parker factory now consider to be obsolete

Abpve: A Parker Vacumatic filler with 'crystal' transparent barrel revealing the breather tube and diaphragm, Canada 1935

Above: A modern Duofold in the unusual flame red acrylic but with the same style features as the earlier True-Blue with matching black cap and barrel ends