Vintage Sheaffer Snorkel Servicing

We have extensive experience of servicing and repairing vintage Sheaffer fountain pens.  Generally these are lever fillers or plunger fillers such as the Touchdown or the popular Snorkel model, a variation of the Touchdown

Servicing Sheaffer Touchdowns involves a full strip down to individual component parts, ultrasonic cleaning of all parts including the snorkel tube, replacement of seals in both the nib unit and barrel end (required to create a vacuum for filling) and fitting a new ink sac.  Once reassembled, we check that the pen is filling properly, assess ink flow and then carry out any final nib adjustments or smoothing that may be needed. Finally the pen is given a light polish prior to undergoing final checks prior to packaging it up for return

For details of how to get your Sheaffer serviced or repaired click here.

From the 1970s, most pens have been converter or cartridge fillers such as the Sheaffer Lady, Imperial, Targa and Prelude models

We now have a limited range of nibs available for the older Sheaffer models

Above: A selection of PFM and Snorkel nibs

Snorkels and Touchdown models require fairly regular servicing as the filling system relies on a latex rubber ink sac and two sets of seals to function.  These tend to harden with age, and then the pen fails to fill properly

Sheaffer PFM (Pen for Men) Demonstrator from around 1964 - quite a rarity!