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Battersea Pen Home
PO Box 295
Hexham NE46 9HS

Tel:  01434-683 162 (Mon-Fri 11am-4pm)
From outside the UK: Int + 44 1434 683 162


Before you email us, please note:

  • If you are asking us about your pen, we need to know the make and exact model. If you're not sure of this, you can email us a picture of the pen and we will identify the model
  • It's difficult to give quotes for repairs without examining your pen first to see what work is needed.
  • As a rough guide, most service quotes are in the £30-50 range plus any parts
  • All the nibs and parts we have for sale are listed in 'Nibs & Parts'. Other parts are not available for direct purchase
  • We do not sell ink, refills or pencil leads
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