Waterman Hemisphere NIbs

These nib units are designed specifically for the Hemisphere model from 2010 on. They will not fit other Waterman models or the pre-2010 Hemisphere.

The 2010+ series is distinguished by the 5mm wide decorative band at the back of the nib unit as seen here:

Hemispheres produced before 2010 had a thin metal band as shown in this photo:

We no longer have any pre-2010 nib units available

This is an example of the Hemisphere introduced in 2010

These nib units are all unused, ex-factory stock

If you are unsure whether this is the correct nib unit for your pen, please email us a photo of your pen.  If you have damaged the nib but not the nib shell on a pre-2010 pen, you can send it to us as a repair for nib replacement.  See information on repairs

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