Vintage De La Rue Onoto Pen Repairs

We have extensive experience of servicing and repairing vintage Onoto fountain pens which were made by De La Rue. Generally these are plunger fillers, but De La Rue's extensive production also included lever fillers and piston filling pens

Above: an unused vintage De La Rue Onoto plunger filler from around 1915 with patriotic label colouring!

We have spent 30 years repairing all types of pens such as the Onoto and acquiring spare parts stock from around the world

For details of how to get your Onoto serviced or repaired, click here.

Above: a typical Onoto plunger filler with an unusual transparent barrel

In the above pen, you can see the plunger rod ending in the plunger washer behind the cone.  Servicing an Onoto such as this involves replacing the plunger washer and the cork seal packing in the end of the barrel. Plunger rods can be quite fragile and frequently need replacement.

Above: a De La Rue Onoto Magna No7 plunger filler

To fill an Onoto plunger pen, pull the plunger all the way out, put the nib in the ink and then smoothly depress the plunger all the way in.  As the plunger travels down the barrel, it creates a partial vacuum behind the washer which is released when the plunger reaches the end of the barrel.  Ink is then sucked in to fill the barrel behind the washer.