We will be open as normal from Monday 15th April 2024 for orders, enquiries and incoming repairs

Repair Payments

You can use this page to make an online payment for your repair quotation

Just select a multiple of the £100, £10 and £1 items.  So if your repair quote is for £65, select £10x6 and £1x5

If your quote has pence (eg £39.65), please round the quote DOWN to the nearest pound.  For example, process £39.65 as £39.00. 

Use the 'Quantity' option below the price to select the multiple

Alternatively, you can use the prepaid envelope with the quote to post a cheque or card details.  
You can also phone card details to us on 01434 683 162 (Mon-Fri 11am-4pm)

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Regular price £10.00
Regular price £1.00