Vintage Parker 61/65 Pen Clips

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Vintage Parker 61/65 Fountain Pen Clips in gold plate and chrome plate

These clips will fit caps for the 61 Capillary fountain pens, and the cartridge/converter 61/65 pens which have a grey plastic jewel on top of the clip . These clips will not fit the later (post-1975) 61/65s which have a metal clip screw.  They will also not fit some 61/65 pencil or ballpoint variations

Please do not order this clip unless you are certain you have a pre-1975 61/65.  This clip looks superficially similar to some other Parker clips which are designed for other models, but will not fit them

If you are in any doubt as to whether this clip will fit your pen, please email us a photo of your pen and its cap.  We can then confirm whether or not this clip will fit your pen