Parker Duofold Lucky Curve Senior in red - fine nib

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This is a Parker Duofold Lucky Curve Senior in red permanite produced in the USA around 1926.  It has a fine 14k gold nib and, like all Duofolds of this period, is a button filler.  This is the largest model in the 1920s Duofold range

This dates from 1926.  It has the earlier slightly raised single cap band that was used until sometime in 1926 when Parker introduced the band which was flush with the cap. It also has the slightly smaller barrel imprint that Parker swithced to in 1926.

It is fitted with a smooth medium/fine 14k gold nib which produces a writing line of around 0.5-0.6mm, so could be described as a generous fine, bordering on a medium.  While the pen's barrel imprint is Janesville USA, the nib is imprinted Parker Duofold Canada.  This is not unusual for pens found in the UK as all spare nibs available from Parker here in the 1920s-40s were imported from Canada to save on import taxes.  The pen has its original spear feed

Condition wise, the pen has been used but well cared for.  It has superficial marks but nothing significant. The knurling on the black top and bottom is visible but worn. Similarly, the Lucky Curve barrel imprint is slightly worn but still easily readable

We have stripped the pen down, cleaned everything and fitted a new ink sac


Condition B/1f

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