Parker 51 Custom in Midnight Blue, Gold cap - Extra Fine nib

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Excellent English Parker 51 in midnight (dark blue) with rolled gold cap with an extra fine 14k nib - 1964

This dates to around 1962-65 as it has the 'halo' as part of the cap imprint and also the finger clutch inside the cap rather than the earlier cage clutch

Condition B/1f - (Ref 12656)

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We have fully serviced this pen which includes disassembling the pen, ultrasonically cleaning all the parts and fitting a new pliglass ink sac. We then reassemble the pen, check ink flow and the smoothness of the nib. We also check and adjust the tightness and positioning of the clip. 

This pen comes with our normal 12 month warranty.  We keep a detailed record of each customer's purchases so if you need to call us, we will have all the information here to answer any query