Writing Equipment Society

Specialist journal - local meetings - table top sales!

The Writing Equipment Society, established in 1980, is devoted to the conservation and study of writing instruments and accessories.  Our members' interests cover pens of all types and materials, pencils, nibs, inkwells, stamp boxes, quill cutters, scriveners' knives, seals, writing slopes, blotters, letter scales, paper knives and rulers

The Society has two broad objectives.  First, although many members are interested in modern equipment, our primary concern is to encourage the study of handwriting equipment and related artefacts of earlier times; we wish to record the history of writing equipment and encourage the conservation of both utilitarian and fine items.  Second, we aim to provide opportunities for collectors, whether they spend pence or pounds, to meet and correspond in an informal way.

Meetings are held about six times a year, often (but not always) in London, and include lectures, visits, auctions, presentations of members' collections and social events.  Most meetings are preceded by an informal 'shop and swap' session.

The Journal of the Writing Equipment Society is published three times a year and is sent free to members. It has featured articles on the history of writing equipment of all kinds, reports of the society's visits to museums and factories and profiles of manufacturers.  Old photographs and documents have been reproduced and reviews of new books appear frequently.  A list of members is also published, giving members' interests as well as addresses and telephone numbers.  This provides the basis for much fruitful correspondence, between home members and also with our many foreign subscribers.

If you would like to join the Society, please visit the society's website at www.wesonline.org.uk