Parker Fibre Tip information

Problem:  Parker fibre tip refills have not been available for many years and nothing else on the market will fit.  Any original refills will have dried out decades ago and are not refillable

Answer:  Send your fibre tip pen to Darryl at More Engineering and he will machine an adaptor which allows your pen to take modern refills.  We do not carry out this work:  you need to contact Darryl direct.

Darryl is an ex Parker toolmaker and also a specialist in the Parker 25.  Please note that each adaptor is individually machined to fit a particular model to allow for the slight variations in the internal dimensions between various models.  There is no generic 'one size fits all' adaptor
Full details are on his website at More Engineering

Alternatively, David Nishimura has a little conversion kit on his website which will enable these models to take a standard Bic refill.  Full information is here