Parker 75 Nibs and Shells

There are three different Parker 75 front shells and two different feed designs.
All three shells will fit all Parker 75s and Premiers, but different feeds match different shells and will not interchange

If you are selecting a Parker 75 nib, you need to know which feeds fit which shell:

  Mark 1 Shell- takes THIN feed - USA Production

  Mark 2 Shell - takes THIN feed - Early French production

  Mark 3 Shell- takes THICK feed - Late French production
Our stocks of all these shells - Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 - have now been exhausted but, with luck, it is still possible to find the odd one.  You just need to make sure that the plastic threads under the thick silver or gold bands are sound and not degrading which is the normal problem with used Mk1/2 shells.

  THIN - Mark 1 Feed- fits Mk1 and Mk2 shells - USA/French Production

  THICK - Mark 2 Feed- fits Mk3 shell only - Late French production
All three types of shell will fit ANY Parker 75 and Parker Premier, whether early or late USA or French production

For further information on this and everything else to do with Parker 75s, please visit Lih-Tah Wong's site at