Parker 51 Custom in black, Gold cap - Stub nib

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Superb 51 in black with rolled gold cap and remains of original factory chalk marks on the barrel. Showing no signs of use, this is an excellent example of an early 1950s English Mk1. This is fitted with a broadish stub 14k gold nib
The stub nib is a broad nib which has had the front edge ground flat - a little like a rounded italic. It gives a thicker line on a vertical downstroke and a thinner line on a horizontal stroke. The line width differentiation is less marked than with a normal italic

Condition A2/1 Stub - (Ref 12337)

We have fully serviced this pen which includes disassembling the pen, ultrasonically cleaning all the parts and fitting a new pliglass ink sac. We then reassemble the pen, check ink flow and the smoothness of the nib. We also check and adjust the tightness and positioning of the clip. 

This pen comes with our normal 12 month warranty.  We keep a detailed record of each customer's purchases so if you need to call us, we will have all the information here to answer any query