Parker 100 in Opal Silver - Medium nib

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An unused Parker 100 in Opal Silver with nickel palladium plated trim and titanium coated graphite grey cap - fitted with a medium rhodium plated 18k gold nib

In production for a relatively short time, from 2004 to around 2007, the Parker 100 is clearly a variation on the original Parker 51 theme with hooded nib and slip cap.  Unlike the latest 51 variant introduced in 2020, the capped Parker 100 is slightly longer and wider than the original 51  although the uncapped pens are very similar length - - see photos showing the 100 with an original 51

This takes standard modern Parker cartridges or fills from an ink bottle using its converter which comes with this pen - 2005

Condition A2/1m  - (Ref 12664)

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We have fully checked and tested this pen in our workshop and it comes with our normal 12 month warranty. 

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