Parker Sonnet in Chinese Red Laque - Fine nib

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This red version was the final design to be added to the Chinese Laque series in 1997. The series already comprised the Vison Fonce and Ambre laque, and production of this red version ran until 2003.   This is fitted with a fine 18k two colour gold nib which has the slight flex characteristic of these early 18k Sonnet nibs. Takes standard Parker cartridges or fills from an ink bottle - 1998

Parker's UK catalogue described the 'Chinese Laque - Red' as being "created using the ancient art of Chinese lacquering, an exclusive finish in red shades of red, highlighted with a brushing of golden dust between layers of natural resin. Finished with 23k gold plated trim and a solid, 18k gold/rhodium highlighted nib"

Condition A2/1f - (Ref 12229)

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