Parker 75

The Parker 75 was first introduced in the USA in 1964 and was named to commemorate the Parker Pen Company's 75th anniversary. With the initial model made from sterling silver with a crosshatch grid design, the 75 continued in production, latterly in France, until 1994

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Parker 75 Ballpoint Flighter USA

CODE: 8396

£45.00 £37.50 ex VAT
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Parker 75 Ballpoint USA - Unused Flighter Deluxe ballpoint with single gold incised ring around cap lip - gold plated clip and dimpled tassie - 1970 -... More info & pictures

Parker 75 Ballpoint, France

CODE: 11443

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£175.00 £145.83 ex VAT
Parker 75 Ballpoint, France - 75 ballpoint in sterling silver Cisele design - 1984 - Condition A

Parker 75 Bicentennial Americana Limited Edition - Broad nib

CODE: 11788

£695.00 £579.17 ex VAT
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Parker 75 Bicentennial pewter fountain pen - limited edition from 1976 The pen comes with the complete set of extras including:  wooden box;... More info & pictures

Parker 75 in gold filled barley pattern - Medium nib

CODE: 11811

£95.00 £79.17 ex VAT
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Parker 75 in gold-filled barley pattern. Takes modern Parker ink cartridges or fills from an ink bottle using the converter - Lightly used with some marks... More info & pictures

Parker 75 Pen & Ballpen in Rainbow/Regency design, USA

CODE: 11744

£595.00 £495.83 ex VAT
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Parker 75 Pen & Ballpen, USA - Fountain pen and ballpoint set in the rare Rainbow pattern also known as the 'Regency' pattern - cap imprint is '18k GF... More info & pictures

Parker 75, Converter, France

CODE: 11473

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£165.00 £137.50 ex VAT
Parker 75, Converter, France - 75 in black laque with gold trim, 14k gold medium oblique nib cut at 30 degrees (No48) - 1989 - Condition A2/1 M Oblique

Parker 75, Converter, France - Fine Reverse Oblique nib

CODE: 11504

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£165.00 £137.50 ex VAT
Parker 75, Converter, France - Unused 75 in gold-filled barley pattern - fitted with No33 fine reverse oblique nib - cap/barrel fitted with dished tassies -... More info & pictures

Parker Premier 18k Gold Presidential, Converter, France

CODE: 11670

£2,100.00 £1,750.00 ex VAT
In stock
Parker Premier Presidential, Converter, France - 18k solid gold Parker Presidential Premier fountain pen - UK and French assay marks for 1990 - Premier... More info & pictures