Vintage and modern Sheaffer fountain pens, ballpoints and pencils including the Sheaffer Targa and Sheaffer Connaisseur models

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Sheaffer Targa Pen in marbled grey ronce

CODE: 10035

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£135.00 (155)
Sheaffer Targa, Converter, USA - Targa in marbled grey ronce, lightly used with 18k fine nib - 1985 - Condition B/1f

Sheaffer Connaisseur Ballpoint in smooth/lined panels

CODE: 10306

£85.00 (98)
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Sheaffer Connaisseur Ballpoint, USA - Unused Connaisseur ballpoint model 822 in alternating smooth/lined panels in 23k gold electroplate - 1986 - Condition A

Sheaffer Imperial, Converter, USA

CODE: 10706

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£79.00 (91)
Sheaffer Imperial, Converter, USA - Imperial 440 in blue with steel cap and gold trim - medium 14k gold nib - original cap sticker - 1975 - Condition A2/1m

Sheaffer Compact 2 Visulated, Cartridge, USA

CODE: 11250

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£95.00 (109)
Sheaffer Compact 2 Visulated, Cartridge, USA - Early Compact 2 model in burgundy with visulated barrel 14k gold medium nib - 1960 - Condition A2/1m

Sheaffer Imperial 'Vintage' Pencil in Sterling Silver, USA

CODE: 11759

£85.00 (98)
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Sheaffer Imperial 'Vintage' Pencil, USA - Sterling silver pencil in floral panel 'Vintage' design - 1974 - Condition A

Sheaffer: The WA Sheaffer Commemorative Limited Edition - Medium nib

CODE: 11955

£495.00 (569)
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Sheaffer The WA Sheaffer Commemorative Limited Edition - 1995 Commemorative pen with original wooden case and ink bottle - this is pen 0311 of 6000... More info & pictures