Vintage Sheaffer Snorkel Repairs

We have extensive experience of servicing and repairing vintage Sheaffer fountain pens.  Generally these are lever fillers or plunger fillers such as the Touchdown or the popular Snorkel model, a variation of the Touchdown

From the 1970s, most pens have been converter or cartridge fillers such as the Sheaffer Lady, Imperial and Targa models

We now have a limited range of nibs available for the older Sheaffer models

Sheaffer PFM and Snorkel nibsAbove: A selection of PFM and Snorkel nibs

Snorkels and Touchdown models require fairly regular servicing as the filling system relies on a latex rubber ink sac and two sets of seals to function.  These tend to harden with age, and then the pen fails to fill properly

Sheaffer PFM DemonstratorSheaffer PFM (Pen for Men) Demonstrator from around 1964