51 Vacumatic Pen & Pencil Set in Nassau Green - Fine nib

CODE: 11513

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Parker 51 Vacumatic Pen & Pencil Set in Nassau Green - Fine nib - Stunning 51 Vacumatic double jewel pen and pencil set in the uncommon Nassau Green... More info & pictures

Delta Venezia Fountain Pen and Pen Stand - Limited Editon

CODE: 11112

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A limited edition pen and pen stand in blue/gold marbled celluloid with sterling silver accents, boxed with paperwork The sterling silver ring on the top... More info & pictures

International in orange/red, Medium nib

CODE: 11248

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Parker Duofold International, Converter, English - Medium sized International in red with raised cap bands - medium 18k two colour gold arrow nib - lightly... More info & pictures

Omas T2 556 Fountain Pen in Titanium - Medium - boxed

CODE: 11118

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Omas T2 Model 556 fountain pen in titanium with silver/rhodium plated trim - with medium titanium nib The grey smooth polished titanium has a wonderful... More info & pictures

Parker 51 Signet Clutch Pencil, USA

CODE: 11328

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Parker 51 Signet Clutch Pencil, USA - The Signet (all gold-filled) version of the 51 Clutch pencil - takes 0.9mm leads - good example with no dings or... More info & pictures

Parker Sonnet Ballpoint, France

CODE: 11464

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Parker Sonnet Ballpoint, France - Silver plated line and dot design Sonnet ballpoint with gold plated cap band - 2005 - Condition A

Rollerball in Orange

CODE: 11921

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Parker Duofold Roller ball, English - Duofold roller ball in orange/red with gold trim and Duofold decal on cap top - 1991 - Condition A

Sheaffer Connaisseur Ballpoint in smooth/lined panels

CODE: 10306

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Sheaffer Connaisseur Ballpoint, USA - Unused Connaisseur ballpoint model 822 in alternating smooth/lined panels in 23k gold electroplate - 1986 - Condition A