The Richter 51 Colour Chart

We are fortunate to have been given permission by Michael Richter to reproduce here his chart depicting the colours used for the 51 Vacumatic and Aerometric


The Four Standard UK 51 Mk1 Aerometric Colours

Burgandy Burgundy 1947-1972
Teal Blue Teal Blue 1947-1972
Navy Grey Navy Grey 1947-1972
Black Black 1947-1972

2002 Copyright by Michael Richter  All Rights Reserved.

The full 51 Colour chart

51 Vacumatic Filler Colors
Color Name Years
Cordovan Brown Cordovan Brown 1941-1948
Buckskin Beige (Tan) Buckskin Beige (Tan) 1941-1948
Mustard (Yellowstone) Mustard (Yellowstone) 1941-1948
Nassau Green (Sage green) Nassau Green (Sage green) 1941-1948
Cedar Blue Cedar Blue
Dove Grey Dove Grey 1941-1948
India Black India Black 1941-1948
51 Aerometric Filler Colors
Color Name Years
cocoa Cocoa 1947-1972
Burgandy Burgundy* 1947-1972
Plum Plum 1947-1972
Midnight Blue Midnight Blue 1947-1972
Teal Blue Teal Blue* 1947-1972
Forest Green Forest Green 1947-1972
Navy Grey Navy Grey* 1947-1972
Black Black* 1947-1972

 * denotes one of the four 'standard' UK colours

We are grateful to Michael Richter and Pentrace for permission to reproduce this chart of Parker 51 colours.
Please note that this chart is the copyright of Michael Richter and may not be reproduced in any way or by any method without his permission.
2002 Copyright by Michael Richter  All Rights Reserved.
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