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Parker Duofold box from 1920sAll pens within this selection are serviced prior to despatch, and shipped in protective plastic tubes.

If pens come with boxes/papers, then we state this within the description

Each pen is given a condition and nib grade report.  For information on this, please see our Pen Condition Scale

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Parker 105 Limited Edition - Charles & Diana 1981

CODE: 5782

In stock
Parker 105, Converter, English - Particularly low number example of the limited edition 105 to celebrate Prince Charles and Diana's wedding - No.0008/1000 -... More info & pictures

Parker 61 Capillary with 14k gold overlay

CODE: 11751

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Parker 61 Capillary - 61 Capillary with jeweller's 14k gold (585) overlay to cap and barrel - cap has added cartouche plaque - medium oblqiue nib - 1960 -... More info & pictures

Parker 95 Ballpoint, France

CODE: 10175

In stock
Parker 95 Ballpoint, France - 95 Flighter ballpoint in brushed steel design - 1990 - Condition A

Parker Arrow, Converter, USA

CODE: 10178

In stock
Parker Arrow, Converter, USA - Arrow fountain pen in matt black with choice of fine or medium nib. The 'arrow' model was preceded the 95 - 1991 - Condition... More info & pictures

Parker Classic ballpoint, USA

CODE: 8573

In stock
Parker Classic ballpoint, USA - Classic model in matt grey with white metal trim - 1990 - Condition A

Parker Duofold Senior in red hard rubber

CODE: 10710

In stock
Parker Duofold Senior, Button Filler, USA - Rare Luck Curve Senior Duofold in red hard rubber and raised cap band, with medium imprint - no cracks and with... More info & pictures

Parker Inflection Rollerball/Ballpoint Set in Steel

CODE: 10128

Sorry, out of stock
Parker Inflection Rollerball/Ballpoint set, English - Stainless steel with gold plated trim rollerball and ballpoint - 2002 - Condition A

Parker Insignia Slimfold, Aerometric, France

CODE: 11437

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Parker Insignia Slimfold, Aerometric, France - Uncommon French Slimfold sized Parker with Insignia rolled gold overlay to cap and barrel - 18k gold fine nib... More info & pictures