A selection of refurbished vintage Parker pens from the early 1920s Parker Duofold, the 1930s Parker Vacumatic, the Parker 51 and Parker 75

All pens within this selection are serviced prior to despatch, and shipped in protective plastic tubes.

If pens come with boxes/papers, then we state this within the description

Each pen is given a condition and nib grade report.  For information on this, please see our Pen Condition Scale

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Parker Premier Deluxe ballpen in black with chrome cap/trim

CODE: 12140

In stock
The modern Premier deluxe ballpen in black with chrome cap and trim - 2016 - Condition A

Parker Duofold Ballpoint, English in orange/red, c1990

CODE: 12141

In stock
Unused early Duofold ballpoint in orange/red from the late 80s/90s first Duofold series - takes modern Parker ballpen/gel refills - 1990 - Condition A

Parker Duofold Centennial Mandarin Limited Edition

CODE: 12142

In stock
This is a used Mandarin limited edition (4612/10000) with medium 18k Arrow nib. This came to us from one of our customers with no box/certificate. The... More info & pictures

Parker Premier in black - Broad 14k nib

CODE: 12146

In stock
Unused Premier fountain pen in black ('Noir') with gold trim - France with broad 14k gold nib - 1985 - Condition A2/1b

Parker Premier pencil in Athenes design - 0.5mm Leads

CODE: 12148

Sorry, out of stock
Attractive unused Premier pencil in the Athenes design - the cap rotates to extend the mechanism and the botton on top of the cap extends the lead. Takes... More info & pictures

Parker 75 Ballpoint in thuya laque

CODE: 12153

In stock
Unused 75 ballpoint in thuya laque - takes modern Parker ballpoint/gel refills - 1980 - Condition A

Parker Duofold Senior in light/dark chocolate marble, c1940

CODE: 12154

Sorry, out of stock
Rare Senior Duofold button filler from the early 1940s in light/dark brown pearl marble with medium 14k Duofold nib. See Lambrou FPoW p189 pen 12 for... More info & pictures

Parker International Duofold in red - Medium nib

CODE: 12155

In stock
Unused Medium sized International in red with raised cap bands - medium 18k two colour gold arrow nib - 1991 - Condition A2/1m

Parker Duofold pencil in orange/red, 0.9mm leads

CODE: 12157

In stock
Unused orange/red pencil from the early Duofold series in late 1980s-90s with twin front nozzle rings - propelling mechanism takes 0.9mm leads - 1990 -... More info & pictures

Parker Sonnet in steel with chrome trim - medium nib

CODE: 12158

Sorry, out of stock
Modern Sonnet Flighter (stainless steel) with chrome trim and medium nib - 2016 - Condition A2/1m

Parker Duofold Ballpoint in Amber Check

CODE: 12159

In stock
Unused amber check ballpoint with gold-filled trim - 2005 - Condition A

51 Vacumatic Pen & Pencil Set in Nassau Green - Fine nib

CODE: 11513

Sorry, out of stock
Parker 51 Vacumatic Pen & Pencil Set in Nassau Green - Fine nib - Stunning 51 Vacumatic double jewel pen and pencil set in the uncommon Nassau Green... More info & pictures