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Vintage and modern fountain pens from Burnham, Aurora, Summit, Wyvern and other pen companies

All pens within this selection are serviced prior to despatch, and shipped in protective plastic tubes.

If pens come with boxes/papers, then we state this within the description

Each pen is given a condition and nib grade report.  For information on this, please see our Pen Condition Scale

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Conway Stewart 58 in blue marble - Medium 18k gold nib

CODE: 12062

£165.00 (190)
In stock
Conway Stewart 58 in blue marble with silver trim, takes standard international cartridges - this model was produced to commemorate a pen shop's 30th... More info & pictures

Delta Venezia Fountain Pen and Pen Stand - Limited Editon

CODE: 11112

£875.00 (1,006)
In stock
A limited edition pen and pen stand in blue/gold marbled celluloid with sterling silver accents, boxed with paperwork The sterling silver ring on the top... More info & pictures

Dunhill Namiki No6 sized pen in black lacquer with maki-e cap band

CODE: 12083

£1,795.00 (2,063)
In stock
A rare Dunhill Namiki lever filler with Dunhill imprinted on the clip; Dunhill Namiki medium 14k gold nib and Pilot Pen Company imprint on the barrel. The... More info & pictures

Eversharp Silver plated pencil, USA

CODE: 12109

Sorry, out of stock
£35.00 (40)
Silver-plated pencil from the USA - takes 1.18mm leads - original box is slightly damaged - 1935 - Condition A

Graf von Faber-Castell Limited Edition 1761-2001 FP, Converter, Germany

CODE: 11888

£995.00 (1,144)
In stock
Graf von Faber-Castell Limited Edition 1761-2001 FP, Converter/Cartridge, Germany Celebrating the company's 240th anniversary, Faber-Castell created this... More info & pictures

Lamy 2000 Ballpen, Germany, Boxed

CODE: 11892

£75.00 (86)
In stock
Lamy 2000 Ballpen, Germany - Lamy 2000 in brushed steel, unused with original packaging - 2012 - Condition A2/1m

MacNiven & Cameron Eyedropper in smooth/chased black hard rubber

CODE: 12102

£145.00 (167)
In stock
Unusual Waverley eyedropper in black hard rubber with gold flexible nib with gold overfeed - cap and barrel have matching 18k gold bands - 1935 - Condition...

Namiki Vanishing Point, Converter, Japan - Medium nib

CODE: 12106

Sorry, out of stock
£75.00 (86)
Vanishing Point (also known as the 'Capless' model) in black with 14k gold medium nib - 1995 - Condition A2/1m

Pelikan M800 Blue Ocean Limited Edition - Medium 18k nib

CODE: 12074

£895.00 (1,029)
In stock
The Pelikan M800 Blue Ocean limited edition blue demonstrator from 1993. This is No 4836 of an issue of 5000 worldwide and is fitted with the original... More info & pictures

Stilus Safety pen, Italy

CODE: 11863

£395.00 (454)
In stock
A rolled gold safety pen by Stilus, an Italian pen maker, with garland decoration - original Stilus 14k gold #5 nib which is fine with a good degree of flex... More info & pictures

Visconti Homo Sapiens Rollerball in lava

CODE: 12108

£195.00 (224)
In stock
Homo Sapiens Rollerball lava rollerball with brass trim - 2012 - Condition A

Yard-o-Led Grand Esprit in sterling silver, Boxed Medium nib

CODE: 11875

Sorry, out of stock
£695.00 (799)
Yard-o-Led Grand Esprit - Grand Esprit Limited Edition with box, ink bottle and warranty - 2008 - Condition A2/1m This limited edition was limited to... More info & pictures

Yard-o-Led Millenium LE, boxed with Fine nib (another available with medium)

CODE: 11825

£1,150.00 (1,322)
In stock
Yard-o-Led Millenium limited edition in sterling silver with wooden presentation box, card outer and booklet containing the limited edition numbered... More info & pictures

Yard-o-Led Topaz Limited Edition boxed, medium nib

CODE: 11822

£795.00 (914)
In stock
Yard-o-Led Topaz, Converter, English - The limited edition Topaz in sterling silver from Yard-o-Led, No4 of only 250 worldwide, unused with original boxes... More info & pictures