Waterman Man 100 Nibs

All Man 100 nibs and nib units are now out of stock.  Apart from the odd nib turning up here or there, there is now no available source worldwide from which we can replenish our stock of these.


Waterman Man 100 Nib Shell
Sorry, out of stock
£57.92 ($71)
Nib shell for the Waterman Man 100 model This is ONLY the shell - it does not include nib or feed

Waterman Man 100 Nib Unit
Sorry, out of stock
£82.08 ($100)
These nib units are all unused, ex-factory stock and come complete with 18k gold nib, feed and shell Available grades are listed above... More info & pictures
  • Fine Oblique 
  • Broad Oblique 
  • Medium