Parker Classic/180 Parts

All our available parts for the Parker Classic and its predecessor, the Parker 180, are listed here. We now only have gold-plated broad nibs left in stock.  We do not have any other grades available. 

All our nibs are unused, ex-factory stock

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Parker Classic and 180 Nib Shells

CODE: Classic Shell

£22.00 (25)
In stock
These shells fit all Parker Classic and Parker 180 fountain pens The plastic on the shell casing has a tendency to split after a while.  You can... More info & pictures

Parker Classic and 180 Nibs - Broad Only

CODE: Classic 180

£12.00 (14)
In stock
These gold-plated nibs come complete with the feed and simply push into the shell.  So to change your nib, you just need to twist/pull it out and push... More info & pictures